The Elements

3D+ Paint Treatment+


Surfaces are extremely slippery. Water runs off treated paintwork. Drying your car is faster.


The treatment greatly delays the deposit of greasy and dirty pollutions. Cars stay cleaner for longer.


Treated paint ages 10 times slower than untreated surfaces. Colours are intense, deep, and surfaces are brighter.

The latest generation of ProTech® long-lasting paint treatment

  • Certified results
  • Professional application
  • 5-year guarantee

Repulses the elements.

Created by ProTech® Monte-Carlo, this treatment is the very essence of more than 25 years of research and development. It permanently bonds to the paint’s natural structure to protect against ageing and deposits an active anti-adhesive and dirt-repellent coating.

Acting like a protective shield, ProTech® 3D+ treatment enhances your car’s deep colour, bright shine and like-new look. Its repellent properties keep your car clean for longer and make cleaning effortless.

Smart technology
Driven by science
Certified results
Comparative ceramic, glascoatings

Smart technology

With everyday use,
your car stays clean longer.

Taking care of your car has never been
as simple, fast and enjoyable!

Discover the video

3D+ Performance

Get into our Research and Development laboratory and find out the amazing features of the new ProTech 3D+ treatment. Theses tests realized in real conditions, demonstrate the performance of the treatment through stress tests.

Fluorescent pen

Repellent effect and oleophobic.

Comparison between the behavior of a wax marker on a 3d treated surface and a new untreated surface.

Permanent Marker

Anti-adhesive effect and oleophobic.

The behavior of a 3d + deposit submitted to a permanent marker.

Drops of water

Repellant and hydrophobic effect.

Comparison between drops of water on a 3d treated surface and an untreated surface.

Tap water

Comparison between the flow of running water on a half-treated 3d + and half-new untreated surface.

Oil reaction

Oleophobic and anti-dirt effect.

Half of the surface is 3D+ treated and flooded with oil.

Hood water drops

Water-repellent and hydrophobic effect under real conditions.

Comparative between a half 3D+ treated hood and half not treated.

Driven by science

A treated paint offers a protective shield of 9 microns.

Protech ® 3D + treatment is applied in 3 stages.


Decontamination of the surfaces to improve the adhesion of the treatment.


Application of the protective layer to fight ageing and enhance the brightness of the painted surfaces.


Application of an active hydrophobic/oleophobic coating to guarantee the anti-adhesive and anti-dirt effect.

Our certified technicians use dedicated machines
to apply all three stages of this treatment in optimised conditions to guarantee a permanent result.

Proved and guaranteed results

A treated paint repels water and greasy pollution

Laboratory certified result obtained with Drop Shape Analyser under ASTM D7334-08 standard: contact angle created by a droplet of water or oil (hexadecane) deposited on a surface.

New painted surface

New painted surface3D+ treated

Hydrophobicity: + 36%

Oleophobicity: + 1200%

A drop of liquid is deposited on a surface. The angle formed by the drop demonstrates the ability of the surface to repel the liquid. Hydrophobic effect for water, oleophobic for greasy. These measures express the anti-adhesive and anti-dirt performance of the treatment.

A treated paint ages
10 times slower

ProTech® treated paint surface

No visible loss to human eye (-2,4%)

Untreated paint surface

Loss of gloss (-28,6%)

To demonstrate the strength of ProTech® treatment from daily aggressions, we submitted it to the most extreme tests.

One of them, the WOM (Weather-O-Meter) created by one of the most renowned laboratories in the world, exposed the ProTech® treatment to the most extreme weather conditions. In these extreme conditions, painted surfaces treated with ProTech® treatment were not noticeably dulled to the naked eye.

Maintain my treated car

The Procase

After treatment, we give you the Procase.
It contains the maintenance products and accessories
you will need and your certificate of authenticity.

Maintain my treated car

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