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An exceptional venue dedicated to aesthetic car care

Since more than 30 years ProTech® Monte-Carlo designs precision technologies to enhance and protect your vehicle.
In its Spas for Cars, exceptional places entirely dedicated to your car beauty, our experts advise you on a large range of high quality services to clean, renovate, protect and customize your car.

Our aesthetic treatments

All of our services are performed with care by technicians certified by ProTech® Monte-Carlo.
These technicians work in optimum conditions, dust-free and with a dedicated lighting allowing to visualize every detail and every corner of your vehicle, in order to deliver you a service of high expertise.

Paint treatments

3D+ ProTech MC processing

Permament protection for painted surfaces against ageing and daily attacks. Application of a thick protective layer with a specific machines using a certified process. 3D smart technology: anti-adhesive, anti-dirt, anti-ageing.
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Transparent Protection Shield


Ultimate protection to preserve the bodywork against impact from the road (gravel debris, insects, etc.) by depositing a transparent protective film.

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Interior care


Improved resistance against stains and interior protection against ageing.
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Glass treatment

Glass treatment

Glass treatment for maximum visibility in all conditions.
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Correction of defects (micro-scratches, scratches, rough paint, etc.) and embellishment of painted surfaces.
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Headlight Renovation


Correction and lasting renovation of headlights. Your headlights like new.
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Premium car wash


Careful interior/exterior hand wash.

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Coating of the painted surfaces of your vehicle with high-quality films.
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Windows tinting


Coating of the glazed surfaces of your vehicle by applying high-quality solar film.
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