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Customise your vehicle while protecting yourself against sunlight.

ProTech® windows’ coating process allows you to beautify your vehicle and customize it. We offer you a complete range, including safety films and high-technology films, the shade of which varies according to the light intensity.
Our experts will be happy to advise you in the choice of shades in order to create the perfect harmony.

Benefits of the solar films

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illustration tinted glass ProTech 2
illustration tinted glass ProTech 3
illustration tinted glass ProTech 4
illustration tinted glass ProTech 6

Benefits of the solar films



UV protection

A treated glass blocks over 99% of harmful UV to humans where an untreated glass rejects only 40%.
Protech ® Tinted Films Protect your health above all and avoid fading of the interior surfaces of your vehicle.


ProTech® tinted films reject up to 77% of solar energy and reduce significantly glare caused by the sun, car lights, and bright lights. The driver and also the passenger’s get their visual comfort enhanced.
Real thermal insulation, they reduce the warmth of your cockpit in summer and keep the heat of the glass walls in winter.


The tinted films provide you discretion in all situations and keep you away from prying eyes. This way, you can safely carry your personal possessions without stirring curiosity.


Our "Serenity" range of safety film offers a foolproof protection
In the event of an accident, assault or fire.
With a thickness twice as large as a normal tinted film, the safety films allow the ice breakage to be delayed again and offer outstanding heat resistance up to 900 degrees.

10-year guarantee

We offer up to 10 year* guarantee on our films against peeling, scratching, bubbling and discoloration.
*to be confirmed by your ProTech® expert according to regional terms.

Clear Box

After application, we offer you ProTech® product adapted for your tinted windows maintenance.

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