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Maximum visibility in all conditions

In bad weather conditions,visibility is reduced and driving becomes more dangerous. Depending on the condition of your glass surfaces, the accumulation of water and dirts can accentuate this lack of visibility.
The ProTech® Monte-Carlo Glass Treatment has been developped in our laboratories to ensure you a safety and comfort drive.
It creates a permanent bond with the natural structure of the glass and deposits an active anti-adhesive and dirt-repellent coating.
In rain or snow, day or night, your visibility is maximum

Water flows 18 times faster
State-of-the-art technology
Up to 70% less scratches

Hydrophobia: +140% - Oleophobia: +1260%*.

Water flows 18 times faster

The treatment's efficiency is based on its capacity to repulse water (hydrophobicity) and dirts pollutions (oleophobicity).
It optimizes the evacuation of water and slows down the soiling of glass, which are the main causes of loss of visibility.
*Laboratory certified result obtained with Drop Shape Analyser under ASTM D7334-08 standard.

Surface treatment

A cutting edge technology, applied by certified professionals

This treatment can be applied on all glass surfaces of your vehicle: windshield, side windows, rear window.
Each service starts with a deep depollution of glass surfaces, to ensure the adherence of the treatment and reinforce its durability.

Scratch treatment

Up to 70% less scratches

The ProTech® Monte-Carlo Glass Treatment offers a high scratch resistance. After many tests in laboratories, we can assert that the treatment reduces up to 70% the appearance of wear scratches.

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