• Infinite customisation possibilities
  • High-quality films
  • Perfect finish

Give your vehicle a unique style.

We propose coating the painted surfaces of your vehicle as per your specifications and provide you with a wide range of incredibly realistic 3D-effect materials and colours.
Stylish, athletic, trendy or original Style, let your imagination run free and follow the advice of our experts.

A customized service
Some of our conception


A tailor-made service


very high-quality films

The products of our wrapping range, "Patterned Effects" materials, consist of high-quality multilayer cast films which can withstand most chemicals (alcohol, petrol, diluted acids, oil, fuel, etc.).
With a thickness equivalent to the paint coat of your car, these materials offer you an unparalleled resistance. Their adhesion is immediate and permanent 24h after their installation.

laying technique

Our teams install films in a precise manner so it is practically indistinguishable from the paint. Our experts shape the film in accordance with the specific characteristics of every section so that it perfectly matches the shape of the surface. This performance will meet your exacting requirements.

no damage upon application

The quality of our films means that your vehicle will regain its initial condition once the film has been removed.

adapted maintenance method

Upon completion of the service, we give you the adapted ProTech® product and accessory to maintain your film-wrapped surfaces.

2-year guarantee

We offer up to 2 year* guarantee on our films against peeling, scratching, bubbling and discoloration.
*to be confirmed by your ProTech® expert according to regional terms.

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Some of our conception

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