ProTech® 3D+ Paint TreatmentCeramic, glascoatings
Thickness of treatment9 microns.
Thickness measured by an independent laboratory
Using an electronic scanning microscope.
0.2 to 1 micron depending on the manufacturers and the number of layers applied.
ApplicationMade by certified and trained professionals.
Controlled Application using specific polishers.
Manual Application with a multi-layer applicator pad. Optional drying with infrared lamps (accelerates the process).
ProtocolRigorous Process in 3 phases.
Phase 1: Surface decontamination to improve
The adhesion of the treatment.
Phase 2: Application of the protective layer to combat ageing and enhance the gloss of painted surfaces.
Phase 3: Application of a hydrophobic/oleophobic active coating to ensure anti-adherent and anti-fouling effect.
Variable process.
Preliminary unmasking carried out according to the applicators before application of the treatment.
Resistance to wear (UV, ageing)ProTech? treated paint ages 10 times slower
than an untreated paint.
Tests carried out by an independent laboratory under ISO standard.
No tests have demonstrated the wear resistance of ceramic treatments or UV protection.
HYDROPHOBICITYStrong water repellent and hydrophobic effect. Laboratory measurements.
Hydrophobia new Paint treated 3d +: 109 ° (Untreated new paint: 80 °)
The surfaces are extremely slippery. The water slides over the treated paint.
Strong water-repellent and hydrophobic effect, but varies according to the manufacturer.
OleophobicityHighly oleophobic, dirt-repellent and non-stick effect.
Measurements carried out in the laboratory.
Oléophobie new Paint treated 3d +: 67 ° (Untreated new paint: 0 °)
The Oélophobie significantly delays the deposition of oily and filthy pollution. The treated surfaces remain clean for longer.
No olephobic properties found.
Scratch ProtectionProtection not guaranteed. Most of the time, the scratches are in the protective layer and can be easily removed through the application of a revision layer.No test carried out in our laboratory could prove the protection of painted surfaces treated ceramic against scratches.
Maintenance after treatmentEffortless cleaning. 2 methods of washing: water or without water. Complete procase delivered with the maintenance products and accessories you will need and your certificate of authenticity.Simplified in the first weeks because of the temporary hydrophobic effect.
Maintenance products available for sale for certain brands.
ResprayingNo contraindications.Subject to product quality
and the number of layers applied.
Market priceFrom €599 to €1149 incl. VAT
Depending on the size of the vehicle and its year.
From 400 € to 4000 €
Depending on the brand of the treatment,
The applicator, the size of the vehicle
and the number of layers applied.
Guarantee5 years.
Color, brightness, easy maintenance.
1 year for life, according to the manufacturers.
AccessibilityProducts available exclusively to ProTechMC trained applicators network.Most products available to individuals and professionals.