Cleaning your protected car
with our Transparent Protective Film

You have just had your car protected with our Clear Protective Film. You now have a car that can stand up to the elements and the harshness of the road, thanks to this technology that will protect your paintwork from minor impacts and scratches.
However, this state-of-the-art process requires that you follow the usual car wash precautions and use the right products to ensure that the Clear Film will last.

Basic precautions


2°/ Never wipe off dirt directly with a microfiber or any other cloth without a suitable product/shampoo. Although the film is designed to recover its original appearance after a micro-scratch, frequent use of aggressive washing methods may dull it.

3°/ When you wash your car, never let the water dry on your bodywork, especially in hot weather. You risk letting lime marks form.

4°/ Although your film prevents contact between droppings, insect traces or resin and your bodywork, never delay in removing them.

5°/ Never wash or use products in direct sunlight. The temperature of your bodywork will make them evaporate too quickly: they will lose their effectiveness and some will even leave traces.

Water cleaning

For particularly dirty vehicles.

ProTech® Monte-Carlo Transparent Protective Film is easily maintained using the traditional shampoo method.

For a thorough wash, you can use PROTECH® CARROSSING SHAMPOO and a wash mitt or sponge.

1°/ Wet the whole vehicle with a water hose/high pressure jet, our SHAMPOO is also foamlance compatible for a foam pre-wash.

2°/ Prepare a bucket of clean water and a bucket of shampoo, respecting the dosage recommendations.

3°/ Clean the whole vehicle with the glove or sponge soaked in shampoo. Clean the least dirty areas (high areas) first, finish with the most dirty areas (low areas) last. Rinse your sponge regularly in the bucket of clean water.

4 °/ Rinse the entire car with the garden hose or high pressure jet.

5°/ Use the Maximum Wipe microfiber (yellow) to remove as much water as possible from the surface. You can use the 1K Finish microfibre (red) again for a streak-free result.

Waterless cleaning

The most practical for routine cleaning

ProTech® Monte Carlo Transparent Protective Film can be cleaned without water using PPF CLEANER and microfibers.

Without a drop of water, you can wash and polish any surface protected by a transparent film. This product has been formulated to coat the dirt and allow the surface to be cleaned without any risk.

1 °/ Be sure to use clean microfibers. They must be cleaned in the washing machine after each use.

2°/ Spray the PPF Cleaner directly on the part of the bodywork to be cleaned.
Ideally work in areas of 50cm * 50cm.

3°/ Wipe the product with the blue microfibre, taking the dirt with you.

4 °/ Use the Red Microfiber for a shining and without trace result.

Maintaining your film over time

ProTech Transparent Protective Film® Monte-Carlo is self-healing. When subjected to a source of heat (sun, hot water,...) it returns to its original shape, which allows it to absorb the micro-scratches that may be made on its surface. By leaving your car in the sun, or using hot water to clean it, you are helping to regenerate the surface of your film.

However, we have developed a product to extend the appearance and performance of the Clear Protective Film.

Using the PPF Refresh

In addition to washing, the performance of your film can also be extended with the REFRESH PPF.

PPF Refresh ProTech® MC is a product from our laboratory that incorporates the latest technology to revive and protect your clear film. Easy to use, it is sprayed on all the filmed surfaces of your vehicle. The effects last up to two months.

1 °/ Be sure to use clean microfibers. They must be cleaned in the washing machine after each use.

2°/ The area to be renovated must be clean, dry and cool.

3°/ Spray the PPF Refresh directly on the part of the film to be treated.
Ideally work in areas of 50cm * 50cm.

4°/ Spread the product with the blue microfiber.

5°/ Wipe the surface with the red microfiber to remove any traces and finalize the application.

What to avoid!

You can clean your vehicle at any high-pressure car wash, but you must take certain precautions.

1°/ Do not clean the vehicle for 48 hours after installation.

2°/ Use high-pressure cleaners at least 50cm from the surface.

3°/ Solvents and corrosive detergents should be avoided.

4°/ Roller washing: the additives and the state of the rotating brushes can affect the appearance of the films. It is known that 10 roller washes streak automotive paints. In the same way, these mechanical effects can degrade the appearance of the film over time.

For any questions or remarks about the maintenance
of your ProTech® MC Transparent Protective Film,
Contact our Experts:
Our professional cleaning guide for your car

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